Kingdom Network

Why Join?

Why Join the Kingdom Network?

Multiplying Disciples, Leaders and Churches Together

  1. Relationally Robust. We seek to be friends on a Kingdom movement together. We don’t want to fight against each other but to fight for each other to become the very best churches we can be and become.
  2. Better Together. Just as Jesus designed his church to be one body with many parts, as a Network we believe we are called to be one body working together to love, encourage, support, challenge, learn from, and share ideas and resources so we might be Better Together.
  3. We are Uniquely a Denomi-Network. As such we seek to combine the best of both worlds. We are denomination light in that we are lean financially and bureaucratically, but a network with teeth because we offer real accountability, a covenant based on a shared set of values and theology, and regional and global financial support for shared mission.
  4. Kingdom Focused. Jesus didn’t come building structures and organizations but making disciples and ushering in the Kingdom of heaven. We do not offer endless commissions, committees, and bureaucracy, but are laser focused on multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches together.
  5. Accountability. In the wake of the implosion of so many pastors, churches, and denominations, we offer real relational accountability, lovingly holding each other to a shared covenant of values and beliefs. Any discipline is focused on redemption and restoration.
  6. We are lean Financially and Bureaucratically. Our finances primarily go toward Kingdom growth and extension. We don’t spend our resources on endless programs, meetings and staff, but partner with great Kingdom minded organizations for education, support, resources and missions.
  7. Life-giving Gatherings. We believe our gatherings should reflect the fruits of the Spirit and actually be fun and life giving. This is not a theory, this is our experience together.
  8. A solid theological and biblical foundation. We stand firmly in the Reformed faith and covenant together around 9 Biblical Core Values that we love.