Kingdom Network

A Community of Reformed Churches

Make Disciples

Raise Up Leaders

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The Kingdom Network is a Network of 4 Regions with 1 Mission: Multiplying Disciples, Leaders and Churches Together.
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Partner Churches
Church Locations
Pending Churches

California Region
4 Partner Churches
2 Churches in Conversation

Chicagoland Region
7 Partner Churches
2 Churches in Conversation

Great Plains Region
4 Partner Churches
5 Churches in Conversation

Michigan Region
7 Partner Churches
4 Churches in Conversation

"What is alive is meant to multiply. Our passion and purpose as a network is to partner together to help each other multiply disciples, leaders and churches."

Rev. Bob Bouwer

Senior Pastor, Faith Church

"It is my hope and prayer that the Kingdom Network becomes a place where women and people of color can say without equivocation, I’m home."

Rev. Jason Perry

Senior Pastor, Living Springs