Kingdom Network

Our Structure

Our Mission

Multiplying Disciples, Leaders and Churches Together

Our Vision

To Join Jesus in building a global movement of regional networks compelled by a Kingdom vision, rooted in Scripture and a Reformed heritage, passionate about reaching the lost, making disciples, empowering the next generation, reaching and reflecting our diverse communities, and exploding with Growth and Joy.

Our Structure

We have a simple flat structure that empowers and supports partner churches to multiply disciples, leaders and churches.

Partner Churches

Our churches Covenant together (see our Covenant) to live out our shared mission, vision, and values. Each partner church has a leadership team or board that leads and oversees ministry and staff.

Regional Networks

At the Center of our structure, we have regional networks, where we seek to be friends on a mission. This movement has a high value on relationships believing that we can live out our Mission better together! A regional network is made-up of 3-12(ish) churches in a geographical (if possible) region that collaborates together to multiply disciples, leaders and churches. Each region is led by an executive team and may include other teams as needed; e.g. multiplication team, leadership development team, and relationship teams, etc. Currently we have 4 regional networks: California, Great Plains, Chicagoland, and Michigan Regions.

Global Board & Gatherings

The Global Board exists to steward and guard our vision, mission, and center set of values. It also serves,
oversees and provides accountability and encouragement to regional networks, oversees the training and ordaining of leaders, and planning Global Gatherings. Global Gatherings are meant to be a life-giving and
joy-filled blessing to partner churches. The goal of these gatherings will be inspiration, connection,  collaboration, celebration, and catalyzing Kingdom initiatives together.