Joining the Kingdom Network

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Thank you for your interest in the Kingdom Network. This page serves several purposes:

  1. It lays out the process of joining the Kingdom Network
  2. It begins the conversation between us and your church concerning what partnering together might look like; and
  3. This document gives you a chance to engage our values and consider how your church might fit as a Kingdom Network church.

As we work through this process together, we will be praying for God’s direction for your church and for the Network. We ask that you be praying as well.

Process for Joining the Kingdom Network

  1. When an interested church reaches out to the Network, a member of the Kingdom Network Executive Team will reach out to the pastor/leader(s) for an initial conversation. To prepare for this conversation the Network encourages churches to carefully review the “Kingdom Network Bylaws” and the “Rules of Church Order for the Kingdom Network.”
  2. After this initial conversation, the church and the Kingdom Network will decide whether or not to move forward to the next step. If we agree to move forward, the church will be asked to complete the application form below.
  3. As you consider becoming a part of the Kingdom Network, here are some important things to consider:
    • If your church is in one of the regions listed on the website, you would become a part of the local network of that region.
    • If you are outside of the regions on the website, we would ask that you find a minimum of two other churches in your area who could form a group of Kingdom Network churches in your region. This allows local opportunities for support, accountability and joint ministry in your area.
    • Our intention is to have a gathering of all Kingdom Network churches from around the country every two years. The goal of this gathering will be inspiration, connection, collaboration, celebration, and initiating and encouraging kingdom initiatives. It is expected that each pastor will be a part of this gathering along with key leaders of each church.
    • Each church in the Network will commit to the values of the Network. Every year pastors, church leadership teams and congregations in the Network will reaffirm their agreement with the center set values of the Kingdom Network.
    • One of the core values of our network is church planting. We expect every church and region to plant churches and/or financially support church planting. Each local region of the Kingdom Network will have the ability to collect agreed upon assessments to support the ministry of church planting in their region. For example, the Kingdom Network Chicago/Northwest Indiana region assesses $12.00 per member for local Kingdom Initiatives,
    • Each church in the Kingdom Network will be assessed $3.00/member for the overall ministry of the network. This amount will cover any administrative expenses of the Network, initiatives of the Network as a whole (e.g. training, equipping events, consulting fees, and perhaps global initiatives) and support programming expenses for the biennial gathering of the whole network. Again, as an example, this means that the Kingdom Network Chicago/Northwest Indiana region, has a total assessment of $15.00 per member, $3.00 for the overall ministry of the Network and $12.00 for local Kingdom Initiatives.
    • We expect that each church leaving a denomination or association to become a part of the Network will be working through the required process of withdrawing from that denomination or association.
    • As a church you are responsible for obtaining your own 501c3 from the Federal government and as a church you are responsible for your own debt. The Kingdom Network assumes no responsibility for your debt.
  4. Once the Kingdom Network has received the church’s application to join the Network, we will reach out to the church to set a timeline for moving forward.
  5. The church’s application will become the focus of a conversation between the church and the Network. This conversation may take place in person or on Zoom. The goal of this conversation is to ensure that the church and Network are a good fit for each other.
  6. After the interview based on the application, if the Network and church wish to proceed with the process, the Network reserves the right to have two or three leaders from the Network travel to the area churches forming their own regional Kingdom Network. It is important to us that we know the pastors, staffs, leaders and church communities desiring to become part of our network. We also want to make sure that everyone in your community knows us. The success of our network is based upon the quality of our relationships.
  7. Following this visit or further conversation, the Network and the church will decide if they wish to join together in ministry. If we move forward, the Network will ask that the church’s highest board vote on joining the Network. If appropriate in your context, you may also want your congregation to affirm becoming a part of the Network. The Network will also vote on receiving the church into the Network.

“Churches . . . will be accepted into membership by a two-thirds vote of voting members present at a stated or other Network session. Ordained pastors petitioning to join the Network will be accepted into membership of the body by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Team” (Bylaws, Article III, Section C).

  1. If the Network and church agree to join together in ministry, the Network will joyfully welcome the church into the Network and both will formalize the relationship by signing the Document/Agreement of Accountability.

Initial Application to Join the Kingdom Network

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