Kingdom Network

About Us

In the Beginning

It all began because of relationships around the gospel. Pastors, elders and churches linked by an ache to see the kingdom of God break into lives, families, neighborhoods and cities.  We are all committed to multiplying leaders, churches and disciples. We all desire to see Revelation 7:9–every tribe tongue and nation–in our midst. We want to be a part of something that flourishes beyond us, to the next generation. We have a deep desire to be a part of a reformed movement that is innovative, faithful and missional. 

We have become convinced that the new thing God had given us now demanded us to take a step of faith. It requires leaving a denomination we loved and finding new ways of being together that empowers our vision and mission. We believe the future requires nimbleness, flexibility and the willingness to risk. We are called to birth a network of reformed churches that will thrive, God willing, in a post-Christian world.

The Kingdom Network is necessary because the old ways of denominations cannot position us for faithfulness. This new network is the best step we can take to live out God’s call upon us.

On September 9, 2021, we began our new journey.

May Kingdom Come! 

"What is alive is meant to multiply. Our passion and purpose as a network is to partner together to help each other multiply disciples, leaders and churches."

Rev. Bob Bouwer

Senior Pastor, Faith Church

"Let it be known that we do not shy away from the glorious gospel of Jesus. We will not water it down to fill the seats; we will declare Jesus’s good news in all of its splendor with the intent of making disciples not spectators."

Rev. Ron Citlau

Network Pastor

"It is my hope and prayer that the Kingdom Network becomes a place where women and people of color can say without equivocation, I’m home."

Rev. Jason Perry

Senior Pastor, Living Springs

Kingdom Network Staff

Pastor Dave Izenbart served for 28 years as a pastor at Living Springs Community Church which is an intentionally multi-cultural, multi-site church in the south Suburbs of Chicago.  He loves Jesus, the local church, when the Kingdom of Heaven breaks into this world, is passionate about breaking down walls, making disciples, and impacting communities with the good news of Jesus.  Dave also loves his family (one wife and 3 above average kids), traveling to beautiful places outside suburbia, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, lifting heavy objects, bungee jumping and anything else that seem foolish and age inappropriate.   Pastor Dave would love to serve you, your church or region in any way that would be helpful!

Dave Izenbart

Kingdom Network Movement Leader

Our Structure

The Kingdom Network has a simple flat structure made up of partner churches, regional networks, and a global board, that empowers and supports partner churches to multiply disciples, leaders and churches.

What’s Next

The Kingdom Network is looking for like-minded churches who are passionate about the calling Jesus has placed on their church. If you are interested in learning more, keep browsing, read our values, connect with us, or apply to join.