Kingdom Network

Ordination Application

Step 1
Church Recommendation

A Kingdom Network church needs to recommend you for consideration. This recommendation needs to come from the highest governing body of the Kingdom Network church. This recommendation is a private communication between the church and Kingdom Network. The recommendation should include the following information:

  1. How long has the candidate attended your church?
  2. How has the candidate served at your church?
  3. How has your church discipled this candidate?
  4. Describe the character of the candidate.
  5. Provide a summary of the board’s belief that the candidate is called to pastoral ministry.
  6. Are there areas of concern that the Kingdom Network should know as we consider approving this candidate for the ordination process? If yes, what?

Please give this link to your church’s clerk to complete this step.

STOP. Please wait to hear from the Kingdom Network before proceeding to step two.

Step 2
Candidate Application

Once a representative from the Kingdom Network contacts you and approves you for the next step in the application process, please proceed here.

Step 3

Representative(s) from your regional Kingdom Network will set up a time to meet you after receiving your completed application. This will be a chance for the Kingdom Network to get to know you and for you to better understand our network and pastoral training.

STOP. Please wait to hear from the Kingdom Network before proceeding to step four.

Step 4
Personality, Psychological Testing, & Background Check

An email will be sent: We have partnered with a third-party service to complete your personality testing, psychological assessment, and background check. You will receive an email from Benchmark on how to complete this step. We will notify you once this step is completed.

Step 5
Let’s Meet

We will set up a meeting with you to review your interview, uploaded documents, assessments, testing, and educational/training background. Here, we will offer you a place in our pastoral training program or provide feedback on why our process isn’t a good fit for you.

If accepted, we will give you a roadmap of your requirements that are required before ordination. The time needed to meet the ordination requirements is usually between two and four years.

Ordination Outcomes

Each journey to ordination will differ because we all start from different places. Our process is mosaic, flexible, and empowering while holding the candidate, churches, and our network to a high standard of excellence.